The Lost Boys


Welcome to the Lost Boys Club. A blog for the modern 25 to 30 something bloke.

The term ‘Lost Boys’ refers to the tribe of kids in Peter Pan. A collective of cool boys and girls who refused to grow up and live in the real world. This phenomenom can be observed in many big cities around the world. London, New York, Sydney and many more urban centers play host to settlements of Lost Boys (and girls).

For the older lost boys out there you may remember the cult classic of the similar name featuring a young Jack Bauer. Californian Vampires Kiefer Sutherland and 80’s teen heart throb Corey Haim torment the sea side town’s folks along with the less cool Corey; Corey Feldman. The film’s tagline speaks to current day lost boys.

“Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire”

Well except for the never die, vampires bit.

If you enjoy the single life or you and your significant other aren’t ready to settle down, you just might be a lost boy. If you value travel, unique experiences and consider yourself a citizen of the world, you just might be a lost boy. If you’re still the life of the party and appreciate the finer things in life… well, this is for you.

This site is here to share some of the Lost Boy lifestyle. Travel, City Living, Fashion, Opinion and some piss takes thrown in for good measure.

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